Mission and Goals

Through the collaborative partnership of the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Education and the Austin Independent School District, UTeach will provide a high-quality teacher education that will increase the number and diversity of competent UT math, science, and computer science students entering the teaching field and assuming positions of educational leadership in their fields.

To increase the number and diversity of students seeking teacher certification, and to develop these students into teacher-leaders in their respective disciplines, UTeach embraces the following strategies:

  1. Early and active recruitment of college students that begins as early as the freshman year and targets students from diverse ethnic, socioeconomic, and academic backgrounds.
  2. Maintenance of a personally, academically, socially and professionally supportive environment that promotes student retention.
  3. A cohesive professional development sequence that focuses on the challenge of learning math and science, and builds pedagogical skills and knowledge at progressively deeper levels.
  4. Development of domain classes that promote a deeper-level understanding of the subject material and demonstrate effective approaches for technology use in the learning process.
  5. Utilization of experienced master and mentor teachers who model best practices as they teach in college classrooms and guide students in their field experiences.
  6. Early and on-going guided field experiences in a variety of public school settings with diverse student populations.
  7. Integration of technology competencies in all aspects of the program.
  8. Structured assessments throughout the program that actively involve students in an on-going self-assessment of their own professional growth and development.
  9. Establishment of a coherent and viable network (electronic, personal, institutional) for continuous professional development of program graduates.
  10. Continual refinement of the UTeach academic program based on evaluation data and educational research.
  11. Collaborative governance of the program that is committed to the management of program curriculum, resources and instruction.