Advising for Degree Holders

NOTE: This page contains information for current students. If you are a prospective student who holds an undergraduate degree, please click here for more information.

The best way to make sure you can get the classes you need is to read this page. All of it.

The academic advisor for degree-holders is Brett Westbrook. Call 512 232 2770 to set up an appointment.  Particularly with registration and planning, email is inefficient. A lot can be accomplished in a 30-minute appointment, so make plans to set aside some time prior to registration.

Since degree-holders frequently have the last registration access period, early academic advising is the best way to make sure you are able to register for the classes you need.  Feel free, however, to make an appointment at any time during the semester to talk about academic or non-academic concerns.

Every fall, spring, and summer, the course schedule is published several weeks in advance of registration.  As soon as the course schedule comes out, generate your ideal schedule and a back-up schedule. Send this schedule to me with the following information

  • the semester (fall, spring, summer)
  • your UT EID
  • course titles
  • unique numbers
  • planned student teaching semester

REMEMBER: Look for EDC courses in the C's: CON, CLS, EDC, CZ, DAN, etc. Typically, the only UTS courses you take are: UTS 101, UTS 110, UTS 170.

UTeach courses: With plenty of advance notice, I can usually reserve a seat in UTeach courses, like EDC 365C, EDC 365D, EDC 365E, M 315C, HIS 329U, Research Methods, etc. We manage enrollment so that all of our students can take required courses in a timely manner.

Content courses: With advance notice, I can work with departmental advisors to help with registration in courses like BIO 325 or M 358K, but only to a limited extent. Generally, if you are in the last semester before student teaching, there's a bit more leeway, so be sure to remind me about this. 

Content Coursework: Click here for a list of required content courses.

Upper-division biology labs: These labs are tightly controlled due to demand and limited seats. If you need plant biology, for example, think about BIO 351 (Economic Botany), BIO 328 (Introductory Plant Physiology), BIO 350M (Plant Molecular Biology) or BIO 352 (Reproduction of Flowering Plants). These and others are excellent courses which do not require concurrent enrollment in a lab. (Some courses are offered in the fall or spring only. Check past schedules to plan ahead.) If you do want to try and register for a lab, however, I will need all the information as soon as the course schedule is published. Again: remind me if you are in the semester before student teaching.

When registration opens, get on all wait lists that are available to you. These usually work very well.  The wait list won't come up if the department hasn't turned it on or if it's full.

Restricted courses: Departments frequently restrict courses to their majors until the 4th class day, so you may not be able to get on the wait list.  The best thing to do is to attend class and try to register after the 1st class day.  Some courses are restricted to UTeach students, like HIS 329U, but the registration system may not recognize you for a variety of boring and ultimately irrelevant reasons. In either case, send me your UT EID, the course title, and the unique number and I can do a work-around that will let you register.  Do this well in advance of registration access or there won't be any seats left.

Meeting pre-requisites: If this is your first semester at UT, you may not have an established UT GPA, so the system will think you do not meet GPA requirements.  Also, since you are not seeking a degree, the registration system may not realize you meet course work pre-requisites either. Send me your UT EID, the course title, and unique number and I will see what I can find out.

Wait lists:The wait lists usually help students get into classes, so get on any wait lists that you can.  Wait lists do not come up as an option when 1) the department has not turned it on for that class or 2) the wait list itself is full. Only students can add themselves to wait lists.

Once registration opens, my ability to help is severely diminished. Get information to me as soon as the registration schedule goes online.  Always have a back-up plan.