Undergraduate Advising

Academic Advising is an integral part of undergraduate education.  The goal of all academic advising is to assist students in taking responsibility for developing meaningful educational plans compatible with their career and personal goals.  Advising is more than imparting specialized knowledge; it includes helping students formulate important questions about the nature and direction of their education and helping them find answers to those questions.  This process often involves the advisor directing the student to university publications and other university offices for answers to questions in order to allow the student to take ownership of their college experience and function as an adult. Advisors will confer with students about course schedules and educational experiences, but students themselves are responsible for selecting the content of their academic program and making progress toward an academic degree (The University of Texas Provost’s Council for Academic Advising, 1996).

Current UTeach Students
Call 512 232 2770 to make an advising appointment.

Continuing and Entering UT Austin Students
For information about UTeach, please attend an information session. Click here for times and to sign up.

When no sessions for current students are listed, feel free to call 512 232 2770 to make an appointment with an advisor or send an email to a UTeach advisor.

UTeach students in a teaching option degree plan are required to be advised each semester either in person or by completing the online advising worksheet.  Each semester, well before registration, students are sent an email from a UTeach advisor (generally in September during fall semesters and February during spring semesters) requesting that the student submit an on-line pre-advising worksheet (https://utdirect.utexas.edu/ns/). Students who wait until the week before registration to complete the worksheet and/or try to get an appointment may have to delay registration. Advisors are usually booked through registration by this time and may not be able to clear an advising bar in time for registration.

UTeach students not in a teaching option degree plan (e.g. an engineering student seeking math certification) should see their degree advisors first, then make an appointment to see the UTeach advisor. Call 512 232 2770 to make an appointment.  The UTeach advisor cannot lift an advising bar placed by other colleges and departments, so be sure to seek degree advising.  Click here for a list of required content courses (e.g. mathematics, science, etc.).

Some students decide, after the first or second semester, that they no longer want to pursue teacher certification.  This is absolutely fine, since the first two courses, UTS 101 and UTS 110, are designed to let students try out teaching.  Students who no longer wish to pursue teacher certification should inform their advisor in the UTeach office (PAI 4.02).

Prospective students may call 512 232 2770 to make an appointment.  During peak registration times, the week before classes start and through the 8th class day each semester, students who have never met with a UTeach advisor are required to attend an information session before setting up individual appointments. Click here for times and to sign up.