Academic Policies

IMPORTANT: In the most recent session of the Texas Legislature, changes were made to the GPA requirement for all teacher preparation programs in the state. The minimum GPA has been raised from 2.5 to 2.75. Exactly how this new requirement will be implemented and on what timetable is still to be determined, possibly as soon as the Fall 2014 semester. The UTeach Natural Sciences program will update all policies accordingly. In the meantime, we want current and prospective students to be aware of this new requirement. We will post information on the details as soon as we have them.

All policies apply to both undergraduates and degree holders.

Grades:  Students must earn a C- or better in each UTeach course.

Repeating Courses:  Students may take a UTeach course only two times. Possible exceptions to this policy require an appeal through the UTeach Appeals Committee. This policy applies to Research Methods regardless of whether a student takes BIO, CH, or PHY. Students may attempt Apprentice Teaching only once. Repeating Apprentice Teaching requires a petition.

Prerequisites:  Prerequisites for UTeach courses are strictly enforced.  Students not meeting published prerequisites will be dropped from the course. Prerequisites are listed in the course descriptions.

Students should keep in mind that the requirement of a 2.5GPA listed below may be changed to a 2.75 starting with the Fall 2014 semester. Please plan accordingly.

Apprentice Teaching:  For permission to register, students must have a cumulative UT GPA of 2.5, a C- or better in Project Based Instruction (EDC 365E), a passing score on the preliminary portfolio, and have met with the Apprentice Teacher supervisor. Click here for a complete list of requirements, including deadlines for application.

Ideally, students have completed all coursework prior to their Apprentice Teaching semester. A petition to register for Apprentice Teaching is required for any student who 1) plans to take more than 1 course with EDC 650S and UTS 170 or 2) has more than 1 content course remaining after the Apprentice Teaching semester. See your UTeach advisor for details.

Students in their final semester and taking at least 6 hours will be coded as full-time by the Registrar's Office. Apply to graduate before the 12th class day. After the 12th class day, the Dean's Office (WCH 1st floor) will issue a letter confirming that you are in your final semester. Take that letter to the Registrar's Office (MAI 16) to ask for a print out indicating full-time status. IMPORTANT: You must apply to graduate before the 12th class day and the letters cannot be issued until after the 12th class day. You are strongly encouraged to make sure that the Office of Student Financial Aid understands you will be taking fewer than 12 hours in your Apprentice Teaching semester.

Graduation:  In order to graduate with a UTeach degree and to be certified through the UTeach program, students must have a cumulative UT GPA of at least 2.5.

Returning students:  UTeach students who began the program but did not finish prior to leaving UT (with or without a degree) are welcome return to the program. Students must repeat the most recent EDC course if the gap is more than 4 years. This includes Knowing and Learning (EDC 365C), Classroom Interactions (EDC 365D), and Project Based Instruction (EDC 365E). These courses were formerly numbered EDC 371. All returning students must be readmitted to the University of Texas at Austin. Click here for information about applying. Students with less than the required 2.5 GPA may retake either EDC 365C or EDC 365D, but may need to take additional course work in the content area to raise their GPA. Students with less than a 2.5 GPA must petition to take EDC 365E per UTeach policy and may also need to take course in the content area.

Policy appeals:  Students have the option to appeal particular situations related to our academic policies. Contact the UTeach Academic Advisor to initiate the appeals process.