Apprentice Teaching


You must apply for student teaching in the semester before you plan to student teach.

Student teaching in the spring semester: October 1
Student teaching in the fall semester: March 1
The application is found here:

Prerequisites for permission to register:

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • EDC 365E with a grade of at least C-
  • passing score on the preliminary portfolio
  • Student Teaching application
  • attend an orientation
  • permission of the Apprentice Teacher Supervisor


  • EDC 650S (Math or Science)
  • UTS 170 (Math or Science)

Petitions to register for the above courses are required when:

  • students do not meet the GPA requirement
  • students plan to take 1 course during their Apprentice Teaching semester

You will receive complete details during your Apprentice Teaching orientation. To give you an idea about the requirements, here are some basics:

  • 4 hour a day minimum commitment
  • teach two courses autonomously
  • first week of the UT semester attend the evening seminar only
  • first day in the public schools is the Monday after the first week of the UT semester
  • first week in the school is observational
  • second week begin teaching the first of two classes
  • second week begin teaching the second of two classes
  • retain these courses until the last day of UT classes

If you have any questions, contact the Student Teacher Coordinator – Pamela Powell (

Full-time Enrollment Status for Half-Time Registration:

The ideal schedule is to take EDC 650S and UTS 170 only in your final semester. Students in their final semester and taking at least 6 hours will be coded as full-time by the Registrar's Office. Apply to graduate before the 12th class day. After the 12th class day, the Dean's Office (WCH 1st floor) will issue a letter confirming that you in your final semester. Take that letter to the Registrar's Office (MAI 16) to ask for a print out indicating full-time status. IMPORTANT: You must apply to graduate before the 12th class day and the letters cannot be issued until after the 12th class day.

If taking less than 12 hours in a semester presents a financial hardship, see your UTeach advisor.

Some basics about certification: You'll get a lot of information about completing the certification process in the Apprentice Teaching seminar, UTS 170. But for now, here are some basics.

  • To be recommended for certification, you need to complete all program requirements; your degree needs to become official, and you need to take and pass both TExES exams.
  • Usually, students take the required exams--Pedagogy and Professional responsibility and a content exam--during the Apprentice Teaching semester.