Certifications Offered

Undergraduate students interested in teaching secondary mathematics and science have the option to pursue a teaching degree.  Requirements for this rigorous 4-year degree plan include certification. Students may also keep their major (in any college) and take the coursework required for certification.

Certification requirements are the same for degree-holders. If you already hold an undergraduate degree, click here for information about applying to the UTeach program.

Due to recent changes by the Texas Education Agency in certification levels, all students in the UTeach Natural Sciences program now certify at the senior grades (high school) level: grades 7 - 12. This change is effective for students entering the program starting Summer 2014. Students currently seeking a middle grades certification should see their UTeach advisor. Our goal is to make sure all students complete certification requirements as planned.

Middle School Certifications (This certification is being phased out. Talk to your advisor): 

High School Certifications (grades 7-12):

In addition to content courses, students complete the UTeach Professional Development sequence.