UTeach Course Descriptions


IMPORTANT: In the most recent session of the Texas Legislature, changes were made to the GPA requirement for all teacher preparation programs in the state. The minimum GPA has been raised from 2.5 to 2.75. Exactly how this new requirement will be implemented and on what timetable is still to be determined, possibly as soon as the Fall 2014 semester. The UTeach Natural Sciences program will update all policies accordingly. In the meantime, we want current and prospective students to be aware of this new requirement. We will post information on the details as soon as we have them.

UTS and EDC Courses: The only UTS courses you'll take are: UTS 101, UTS 110, and UTS 170.

For everything else, like Knowing and Learning, Classroom Interactions, and Project Based Instruction, make sure you're looking for EDC courses: EDC 365C, EDC 365D, EDC 365E, EDC 650S. EDC courses are listed in the online course schedule in the C's. They're listed this way because "EDC" stands for "Curriculum and Instruction."

Look for Perspectives under HIS and Research Methods under BIO, CH, or PHY, depending on your certification area. Details about all courses are below.

All students take all courses in this sequence. In addition, certification requires content courses. See the Certifications Offered page for more details.

1. UTS 101/110: Step 1 and Step 2
Step 1 and Step 2 provide math and science students with the opportunity to experience teaching in a real classroom setting. Master teachers introduce students to examples of high-quality inquiry-based lessons and model the pedagogical concepts to which they are being introduced. In Step 1 students observe a classroom twice and then prepare and teach 3 lessons in elementary classrooms. In Step 2, students conduct more observations and then prepare and teach 3 lessons in middle school classrooms. In addition, students will be introduced to the portfolio project.

Prerequisite: Students must earn a C- or better in UTS 101-Step 1 before taking UTS 110-Step 2. Both courses require a 2.2 cumulative GPA. Seniors and degree-holders may take both UTS 101 and UTS 110 in the same semester. Interested students should talk to an advisor for details and permission to register.

2. EDC 365C: Knowing and Learning
This course expands the prospective teacher's understanding of current theories of learning and conceptual development. Students examine their own assumptions about learning. They critically examine the needs of a diverse student population in the classroom. Faculty will also discuss how material from this course can be used to continue building the portfolio. Knowing and Learning may be taken with UTS 101 and/or UTS 110.

3. EDC 365D: Classroom Interactions.
This course moves from a focus on thinking and learning to a focus on teaching and learning. Prospective teachers are introduced to the way in which curriculum and technology are used in classroom settings to build interrelationships among teachers and students. They are taught how content and pedagogy combine to make effective teaching. This course has a field component that includes 3-4 days each of observation and teaching. Students should also expect to dedicate some out-of-class time to video transfer, lesson planning, and working on the portfolio project.

Prerequisites: C- or better in UTS 101, UTS 110, and EDC 365C and have at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA. Students with less than a 2.75 GPA should see their advisor to discuss their options.

4. EDC 365E: Project-Based Instruction.
In this course, students aim to master new technologies for problem-based investigations in math and science classrooms, teaching project-based lessons to middle school students. Students also discuss the use of assessment to improve student learning. The field component includes 2 observation days and 3 teaching days. Unlike previous field experiences, the teaching days in PBI run consecutively, which means that students should plan for 2 Fridays (3PM-7PM) and 2 Saturdays (8AM - 2PM). Students should also expect to dedicate some out-of-class time to video transfer, lesson planning, and working on the portfolio project.

Prerequisites: Students must earn a C- or better in EDC 365D and have at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA. Students with less than a 2.75 GPA should see their advisor to discuss their options.

5. BIO 337-2 / CH 368-1 / PHY 341-7: Research Methods.
Students perform four independent inquiries and learn to combine skills from mathematics and science in order to solve research problems. This course meets the criteria for the following flags required for all undergraduate degrees at the University of Texas at Austin: Independent Inquiry, Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning. Click here for details. Much of the work generated in this course can be incorporated into the portfolio project. Students must appeal to register for this course a third time regardless of whether it was taken in BIO, CH, or PHY. NOTE: Students in the Math/Physical Science/Engineering certification do not take Research Methods. This requirement is met through the Senior Design Project.

Prerequisites: Students with upper-division standing may take Research Methods after Step 1 and Step 2.

6. HIS/PHL 329U: Perspectives.
Faculty in History and Philosophy introduce students to the historical, social, and philosophical implications of mathematics and science through investigations of five significant episodes in science history. Faculty will also guide students on the use of material from this course in their on-going portfolio project. This course meets the criteria for a writing flag.

Prerequisites: Students with upper-division standing may take Perspectives after Step 1 and Step 2.

7. EDC 650S: Student Teaching.
Students are immersed in the schools to prepare them to confidently assume a teaching position in the public schools.

Prerequisites: For permission to register: EDC 365E with a grade of C- or better, Research Methods, Perspectives, a passing score on the preliminary portfolio, a cumulative UT GPA of 2.75, and an application. Students must also attend an orientation session in the semester before they intend to Apprentice Teach. Apply here: http://www.edb.utexas.edu/field/pds.html. Spring Student Teachers must apply by October 1 and Fall Student Teachers must apply by March 1.

Petitions are required when: 1) students do not meet the GPA requirement 2) students intend to take 1 other course with EDC650S and UTS170. Under pre-approved circumstances, a student may take Perspectives with Apprentice Teaching.

IMPORTANT: For further details and to sign up for the mandatory Apprentice Teaching orientation, students must reply to an email from the Student Teacher Coordinator, Pamela Powell. Click here for the application.

8. UTS 170: Student Teaching Seminar.
Students reflect on their student teaching experiences and examine contemporary critical issues in education. Prerequisites: same as EDC 650S. Students may attempt this course only once. A second attempt requires an appeal.

Due to recent changes made by the Texas Education Agency in certification levels, all UTeach students now certify in grades 7-12 (starting Summer 2014). Students who expect to each in grades 7 and 8 are strongly recommended to complete the following courses before Apprentice Teaching:

EDP 363M (Topic 3: Adolescent Development) or both Psychology 301 and 304

EDC 339E: Secondary Schools Literacy Across Disciplines (offered fall semesters only; formerly EDC 371-10)