All eligible students may apply for the following scholarships:

MORE SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: You'll find more scholarship opportunities here. Subscribe to the College of Natural Sciences scholarship listserv here. You'll receive announcements about undergraduate scholarships opportunities both within and outside of UT, upcoming deadlines, financial aid information, etc. 

Scholarship Distribution: All scholarships awarded by UTeach are processed after the 1st class day at the earliest. We want to get funds to you quickly, but we also must comply with federal, state, local and donor regulations.

The AISD scholarship is tied to registration which requires us to verify the number of hours each individual student is registered for. In addition, this scholarship is available to all education students at the University as a whole, not just to UTeach students. For this reason, the AISD scholarship is generally distributed later than others, sometimes after the 12th class day. If you receive financial aid, talk to the Office of Student Financial Aid about payment options, including a tuition loan.

Reimbursements for UTS 101 and UTS 110 (Step 1 and Step 2) are processed after the drop deadline each semester.

Where the funds go after paperwork leaves the UTeach office depends on several variables; what happens with one student may be different for another. The best place to start looking for the award is the “Where’s My Check” section of UT Direct.  Make sure to set the month and year correctly for your search. Is your address up to date? Is your account information correct?

If you are receiving financial aid, all funds go through that office. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on the UT Direct site, talk to your financial aid counselor for details. If you are not receiving financial aid, then the funds should be sent directly to you, either as a check or through direct deposit. Keep all information on UT Direct up-to-date so the check goes where you want it to.

You can call Student Accounts Receivable for details. Their number is 512 475 7777 and their website is here:

Also, here is UT's Scholarship and Fellowship Services site: Scholarship and Fellowship Services.