AISD Future Teacher Scholarship

IMPORTANT: The AISD Scholarship will be offered as long as funds are available.

Want to make sure you receive the AISD scholarship? Please read the information below.

Starting with the summer of 2014, students must let the UTeach office know that the AISD funds have not been released before the 12th class day (the 3rd class day in the summer). After the 12th class day, remaining funds will be returned to AISD and will no longer be available. This is a change from previous semesters where UTeach had some leeway with disbursement. If you do not let us know in time, you will not receive the funds.

If you do not currently receive financial aid, we encourage you to fill out a FAFSA. This will help to make sure you receive the AISD scholarship. It is NOT a requirement.

Track your funding through the CASH button on your UTDirect homepage. Send us an email with your UT EID before the 12th class day. Don't miss out!

The AISD Future Teacher Scholarship Program helps to support students who are certifying in areas of critical shortage in Texas. There is no obligation to teach either in Austin ISD or in the State of Texas. However, students who accept the funding and do not complete the program may be required to repay the funds.


  • Undergraduate: $5,000 over four semesters ($1,000 per semester, increasing to $1,500 the last two semesters)
  • Degree-holders: $1,500 for each of 4 semesters)


  • Students in the UTeach Natural Sciences Program--all areas
  • In the last 4 semesters of the program
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA (Note: The GPA requirement will go up to a 2.75 starting with the spring 2015 semester)

How to Apply/Renew:

  • First time applications are available in the UTeach office, PAI 4.02
  • Renew your application each semester in the UTeach office.

Deadlines: Students are responsible for renewal each semester.

  • Fall/Summer: beginning the 2nd week of October through November 15th
  • Spring: beginning the 2nd week of March through April 15th
  • If the deadline falls on the weekend, applications/renewals will be accepted the next business day.