The Hartman Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

The intent of this scholarship is to increase the number of highly qualified secondary teachers in the areas of mathematics and science. Natural Sciences students seeking math, science, or computer science certification through the UTeach Program, and who are in their last four semesters of the program, are encouraged to apply. See the application (below) for a complete list of eligibility requirements. The Hartman Scholarship is restricted to undergraduates.

Undergraduate students can receive full tuition, course-related and qualifying university fees, plus $200 per semester toward books and/or instructional materials per academic year.

A Hartman Foundation representative contacts scholarship candidates for an interview.  Students generally know if they are awarded the scholarship the same day as the interview.  Students who apply in the spring for fall scholarships may be contacted during middle to late August for an interview; students applying for spring scholarships would be interviewed early to mid January.  Interviews are generally not conducted during university breaks or during the summer.

Hartman awards are disbursed after the 1st class day of the semester, so be prepared to make arrangements for tuition.

Applications are accepted beginning the second week of October through November 30th during fall semesters, and beginning the second week of March through April 30 during spring semesters.  If the deadline day falls on the weekend, applications will be accepted the next business day.  Email notification is sent to students reminding them to apply for the scholarship by the deadline.  Students who were previously awarded the scholarship must renew their award each semester by sending the Hartman Foundation representative grade reports and other requested documentation. 

Note: Hartman scholars will be subject to a forgivable promissory note and loan agreement. Funds provided will be forgiven based on fulfillment of the five (5) year teaching obligation, for every year taught of the immediate six (6) years following graduation. Students who do not pursue science/mathematics education via the UTeach program or who fail to meet the conditions in the scholarship agreement will repay either the full amount of the scholarship received or a prorated amount according to the fraction of teaching employment obligation not completed.

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