Accelerate Courses

Accelerate Coursework

The times indicated below may vary. Refer to the course schedule for details each semester.

Fall I

  • UTS 211 — Secondary Teacher Education Prep: Advanced Steps
    • Tuesday, 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
    • Fridays - 15 total hours of field-based experiences
  • EDC 365C — Knowing and Learning in Science and Mathematics
    • Thursday, 3 - 6 p.m.

Spring I

  • EDC 665 – Classroom Interactions & Project Based Instruction
    • Tuesday/Thursday, 1PM - 5PM
    • Monday - Friday 23.5 total hours of field-based experiences

All students take the following courses in either semester:

  • HIS 329U — Perspectives on Math and Science
  • Research Methods – one of the following
    • BIO 337-2
    • CH 368-1
    • PHY 341-7 

Students seeking Math, Math/Physics, or Math/Physical Science/Engineering take the following in either semester:

  • M 315C – Foundations, Functions, and Regression Models
  • M333L – Structure of Modern Geometry


  • Other coursework as needed, such as biology, chemistry, physics, etc.
  • Coursework can be taken at UT Austin or at a community college

Fall II

  • EDC 651S – Secondary School Teaching Practicum – Math or Science
  • UTS 170 – Student Teaching Seminar

Students scoring exceptionally well on the observation protocol during the first two semesters will be put forward for a 2-semester, paid teaching position in a local district. These students will teach on an Intern certificate for two semesters.  Following successful completion of these 2 semesters, students will be recommended for a standard certificate.

Spring II (Interns Only)

  • UTS 171 -- UTeach Induction Support

IMPORTANT: While UTeach Accelerate will do everything possible to place eligible students in a paid internship year, we cannot guarantee a placement. The availability of such positions depends on the general pool of applicants and on availability at the district and campus levels, varying by subject matter as well. Flexibility in terms of districts and campuses will be important.