Why Donate?

Donations from our generous supporters help to fund the parts of the UTeach program that cannot be financed with state monies. These programs are mission critical, touching on all aspects of UTeach--from beginning to end--that contribute so much to the future success of our graduates.


DONATE: $110 to fund a partial tuition rebate.

A major goal of the UTeach program is to increase the number and diversity of STEM field majors entering the teaching field and assuming positions of educational leadership in their area of certification. As an incentive to try out teaching, UTeach offers all students who complete Step 1 and Step 2 (the first courses in the program) a partial rebate.

DONATE: $250 to fund a mentor teacher stipend.

One of the hallmarks of the UTeach program is the emphasis on field experiences. Our students learn about teaching by teaching from the very first course. As they progress, they spend even more time in the field learning from expert mentor teachers. These in-service teachers provide vital feedback that contributes significantly to the development of our pre-service teachers. Their professional expertise is highly valued by the UTeach program which is why we offer our co-educators a stipend for their efforts.

DONATE: $500 to fund 2 New Teacher Kits.

According to the National School Supply and Equipment Association, a trade association made up of educational product manufacturers, teachers in the U.S. spend just over $485 a year on school and instructional supplies. As part of the UTeach Induction Program, all new graduates receive a box full of supplies to help them get that first classroom ready: index cards, pens, pencils, folders, dry erase markers, colored paper, stacking trays, and more. This may not sound like much, but being able to give our grads these basic supplies helps them get a solid start on the school year.

DONATE: $1500 - $2500 to help fund a returning student for a semester.

As amply documented in the news media, the cost of a college education has been rising steadily, leaving students in debt. Scholarships can help to off-set this debt while also allowing students to spend more time on their studies. UTeach has been fortunate to enjoy the support of donors to various scholarships. A critical gap, however, is funding for degree-holders. UTeach degree-holders come to teaching from a variety of careers, including a medical technologist and even a geologist with NASA! They bring with them invaluable experience that will enrich and enliven their future classrooms. Funding for these students, including loans, is in short supply. Returning to school usually means financial constraints, especially for students with families. Any amount, whether for returning students or traditional undergraduates, can help make certification possible.

DONATE: $2000 to fund an internship for a semester.

The UTeach program also provides our students with the opportunity to work in an educational setting. Our Internship Program is the largest expense of all our donor-funded programs. In the Internship Program, students are paid a generous stipend to work 10 to 20 hours a week with a non-profit organization in the Austin area that provides educational services to the community. The internship program supports a variety of positions such as assisting with the development of educational materials, working directly with families and children, providing guided tours at local museums and science centers, and assisting with after-school programs devoted to helping children succeed.

These community-based programs have come to count on UTeach students at sites like the River City Youth Foundation, Boys and Girls of America, the Austin Nature and Science Center and more. These jobs provide our students with both financial assistance and practical education-related experiences, as well as benefiting the local community. Each semester UTeach funds 80 to 100 internships and we could not do it without the generous support of donors like you.

DONATE: $3000 to fund induction and professional development for a new teacher for 2 years.

Through our Induction Program, your help continues even after our students have graduated and moved into a classroom of their own. Even though the state of Texas has mandated that teacher preparation programs provide their graduates with support, no appropriations have ever been made to fund this obligation, so UTeach must turn to other sources. We know that the first 5 years of a teacher's career are crucial. In fact, of those who leave the teaching field, fully half do so in that time period. With this in mind, UTeach cannot be content just meeting the letter of the law. It's not enough to simply graduate top notch math and science teachers. We have to retain them in the classroom. With your help, we are doing just that, starting with their very first job.

We have also been able to provide support on a regular basis through professional development opportunities, helping with technology in the classroom, providing classroom observations, and even sending these future teacher-leaders to conferences. Our goal is to offer induction support to all of our grads on an on-going so that we can increase retention in the classroom, while improving student achievement and helping transition our graduates from novice to expert. 

Field experiences, internships, and induction are only some of the aspects of our program that are donor-funded.  And as the program grows, so does demand. To help meet this demand and in order to keep growing, UTeach has set a goal of building a 15 million dollar endowment. We are halfway toward meeting this goal. If you are interested in contributing to the UTeach endowment or any area at all, please contact Maria Allen, Associate Director of Development, UTeach, (512) 471-4547.

UTeach also accepts financial support in any amount at any time. Donations can be made to the program in general or to support a specific aspect of the program, like scholarships or internships. Make a one-time gift, an annual pledge, or talk with us about planned giving. We'd love to hear from you. An investment in UTeach is an investment in the future.