Grant-Funded Projects

UTeach Faculty Grant-Funded Projects

Preparing Secondary Mathematics Teachers with Video Cases of Students' Functional Reasoning

Principal Investigator: Laurie Cavey, Co-Director, IDoTeach, Boise State University


  • Michele Carney, Co-Director, IDoTeach, Boise State University
  • Patrick Lowenthal, Associate Professor, Boise State University
  • Tatia Totorica, Master Teacher, IDoTeach, Boise State University

Timeframe: August 2017 – July 2021

Funded By: National Science Foundation

Project Description:

This project seeks to address a critical area of mathematics, function, which is a unifying concept in K-12 mathematics that applies to the study of algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics, but persists as a challenge for students. To this end, this project will develop a series of video-based online learning modules for use in undergraduate mathematics courses so that prospective secondary mathematics teachers (PSMTs) are better equipped to recognize, analyze, and make connections between the patterns found in students' functional reasoning.

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Collaborative Research: Understanding Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Outcomes in Texas

Principal Investigator: Catherine Horn, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Houston

Co-Investigator: Paige Evans, teachHouston, University of Houston

Timeframe: August 2016 – July 2019

Funded By: National Science Foundation

Research Questions:

  1. Among participants in implemented Noyce programs, what are the characteristics of the associated university-based programs?
  2. For teacher candidates who enter and remain in the teaching profession, how do Noyce and non-Noyce participants compare with respect to a variety of individual and receiving campus characteristics?
  3. Relative to their non-participating peers, to what extent and in what ways does teacher participation in Noyce-based preparation have subsequent influence on K–12 student academic performance?
  4. How are state policies influencing recruiting and retaining teachers?

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