Jill Marshall

Jill Marshall

Co-Director, UTeach Natural Sciences
Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
College of Education
Department of Physics

Dr. Jill A. Marshall is an associate professor in the Science and Mathematics Education group at the University of Texas. She received her BS in Physics from Stanford University in 1980 and her PhD in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1984.

She is currently Co Director of the nationally recognized UTeach Natural Sciences teacher certification program. She teaches professional development courses for pre-service science and mathematics teachers and graduate courses in Science and Mathematics Education, as well as a course based on Physics by Inquiry that focuses on cognitive and pedagogical issues.

Doctoral candidates under her supervision have investigated teachers’ views on equitable science teaching, mathematical modeling of motion, the use of Personal Response Systems in college science classrooms, and the validity of standardized tests in Texas. Her research interests include cognitive issues in learning, teaching and assessing understanding in physical science, as well as gender issues in science, engineering, and technology.

She was involved in the design and calibration of particle detectors for use in space for 10 years at Southwest Research Institute before becoming increasingly involved in science outreach and education. She held a position focused on physics education research at Utah State University before returning to her native Texas in 2000. She serves on the Advisory Board for PhysTEC (Physics Teacher Education Coalition). She has been president of the Texas and Utah Sections of the American Association of Physics Teachers, and will be president of the national AAPT organization in 2012. 

Joe & Teresa Lozano Long Endowed Fellow

Elizabeth G. Gibb Endowed Fellow

Maxine Foreman Zarrow Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Education

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