Mark Daniels

Dr. Daniels

Associate Director, UTeach Natural Sciences
Clinical Professor
Assistant Chair in Mathematics

Mark L. Daniels is a Clinical Professor of Mathematics and the UTeach Program in Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to being the Associate Director of the UTeach Program in Natural Sciences, he is an Assistant Chair in the Mathematics Department. He has developed the curriculum for and teaches multiple inquiry-based mathematics courses, some specifically designed for pre-service teachers. Dr. Daniels is also the faculty advisor for teaching options in the Mathematics Department as well as the Director of the Discovery Learning Project for the College of Natural Sciences. Moreover, he is the Co-Director of the Inquiry-based Learning Project in Mathematics working with Michael Starbird.

Dr. Daniels did his undergraduate work at The University of Chicago and graduate work at Walden University of MN and The University of Idaho.

His research interests, of late, involve the preparation of pre-service mathematics teachers and the incorporation of discovery-based instructional methodology in university undergraduate mathematics courses.

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The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers Fellow

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