Shelly Rodriguez

Clinical Assistant Professor / Master Teacher, Internship Coordinator, UTeach Austin
Office Location: 
PAI 4.04
Postal Address: 
120 Inner Campus Drive Stop G2550 | Austin, TX 78712-1255

I have worked as a clinical assistant professor for the UTeach program since 2008. I have served as instructor and master teacher for multiple courses including Step 1, Classroom Interactions, and Student Teaching. I am the Internship Coordinator for the UTeach program and have contributed to several UTeach Professional Development initiatives. In my current role at UTeach, I support beginning and pre-service teachers and work to develop partnerships between the community, school district, and the UTeach program.

I am a National Board Certified science teacher with 12 years of secondary science teaching experience. My science interests center on field-based ecology and I have experience as both an undergraduate and science teacher engaged in field-based scientific research. I spent a summer studying mating preference of tropical frogs at the Smithsonian Institute in Panama and I have worked with scientists at the University of California-Davis on undergraduate research projects for minority students. I earned my PhD in science education in 2013. My research focuses on investigating the act of mentoring and how working with preservice teachers impacts the instructional practice of the cooperating teacher.

Fun Facts:

  • As my students know, I am obsessed with food. My favorites are chips and queso, sushi, and avocados. 
  • I love three genres of TV show: high-brow British drama, SciFi, and low-brow CW shows. 
  • My hobbies are yoga, cooking, bird watching, and hanging with my Beagle, Albert. 
  • I wanted to be Jane Godall when I grew up – I still do. 
  • I love frogs!

Rodriguez, S. R. (2013). What they see: noticings of secondary science cooperating teachers as they observe pre-service teachers. (Doctoral dissertation). The Univeristy of Texas, Austin.

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