UTeach Institute and Edhesive Team Up to Deliver CS Principles

UTeach Institute and Edhesive Team Up to Deliver CS Principles


The UTeach Institute is pleased to announce its collaboration with Edhesive to deliver its forthcoming AP Computer Science Principles course in a hybrid online platform accessible to high school students across the country. In Texas, only 1 percent of high school students took a CS course in the 2013–2014 academic year, and fewer than 15 percent of high schools offered coursework in the discipline at all. The U.S. Department of Education projects that more than half of all science, computing (technology), engineering, and mathematics (STEM) jobs will focus on computing by 2020, but only 2% of all STEM undergraduates major in computer science. Only 400,000 of these majors will be available to fill the 1.4 million positions expected to become available by 2020.

The UTeach Institute is among many departments at the University of Texas at Austin leading the charge to increase all kids’ access to CS education. This collaboration with Edhesive will increase access to computer science education to historically underrepresented student populations. 

Developed in partnership with the UT Austin Computer Science department, UTeach CS Principles is one of the few courses endorsed by the College Board and is designed to prepare students for the new AP Computer Science Principles exam being administered for the first time in Spring 2017. With an eye toward engaging young women and students from other groups that historically have been underrepresented in high-tech fields, the course offers a broad introduction to the field of computer science and develops students’ computational thinking skills using a student-centered, project-based instructional approach.

UTeach CS Principles is designed to be reliant on a delivery model that is flexible and easy for teachers to use in a variety of high school classroom and school settings and implemented by teachers with a variety of content backgrounds and levels of expertise. This collaboration with Edhesive, which specializes in a hybrid model of online courses intended for classroom-based delivery, will increase the reach of AP CS Principles and the UTeach curriculum. Edhesive’s suite of offerings, including interactive lessons, teacher training, and online forums facilitated by experts in computer science teaching and learning, will enable any high school to offer the course in the 2016-2017 academic year. “This collaboration is a natural extension of what we were already doing to get this high-quality curriculum into as many schools as possible,” says Alicia Beth, Manager of UTeach Computer Science. “Edhesive’s unique online delivery platform will allow us to scale the course in a way that provides intensive support to teachers with no background in computer science. Their commitment to supporting teachers is well aligned with our recognition of the strengths that teachers with a wide variety of backgrounds bring to the table when teaching an inquiry-based curriculum like this.”

The UTeach Institute is confident that this collaboration with Edhesive will help achieve our goal of making computer science education accessible to all.

UTeach is an acclaimed, university-based secondary STEM teacher preparation program begun at the University of Texas at Austin in 1997 and replicated by universities nationwide. More than 6,000 students are currently enrolled in UTeach programs at 44 universities in 21 states and the District of Columbia. UTeach programs have produced more than 2,600 graduates. UTeach allows students to earn a rigorous STEM degree and teaching certification within four years and focuses on inquiry- and project-based teaching methods.  

Edhesive brings computer science education to schools across the country in a way that is effective, affordable and easy to adopt. Edhesive’s blend of high-quality online instruction from recognized experts and school-based teaching keeps students motivated and engaged, offering a complete curriculum with all the support schools need to accredit and guide students. Edhesive has reached more than 10,000 students in 400 schools. To learn more about Edhesive, visit edhesive.com.