UTeach National Enrollment and Graduation Rates

UTeach National Enrollment and Graduation Rates


National UTeach programs are growing and producing highly qualified secondary STEM teachers across the U.S.!

Map showing UTeach program enrollment by state

Since 2008, 44 universities have followed The University of Texas at Austin and adopted the UTeach secondary STEM teacher preparation program in an effort to strengthen the production of high-quality science and math teachers on their campuses. This innovative partnership between colleges of science and education at universities across the country has resulted in a current enrollment of more than 6,800 STEM majors into UTeach programs and the production of more than 2,100 UTeach graduates.

chart showing annual uteach graduation rates -- 521 in 2013-2014

The goal of the national UTeach expansion initiative is to increase the numbers of highly qualified secondary STEM teachers by establishing permanent UTeach programs at U.S. colleges and universities. With 2,144 UTeach graduates already produced, and as additional UTeach partner programs are established and begin to produce graduates, the numbers of UTeach alumni will grow significantly. The UTeach Institute projects that by 2020, 8,000 UTeach program graduates will have taught more than 4 million secondary STEM students nationwide.


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