If you are a UTeach student, you are automatically a member. There are no dues or fundraising. Just get to know fellow UTeachers and explore ways to improve UTeach and the field of teaching.

Math and Science Teachers of Tomorrow (MASTT) is a student-led organization whose activities help to promote the success of UTeach pre-service teachers in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) at the University of Texas at Austin. UTeach students are automatically members. Officers are elected at the end of each spring semester and as vacancies occur.

Our goals:

  • Gain more exposure around campus
  • Provide information about post-grad opportunities/benefits
  • Give future teachers resources and confidence for their upcoming careers
  • Provide community service to local schools

Fall 2022 Meetings will be held on the following dates :

  • Sept. 7
  • Sept. 24
  • Oct. 5
  • Oct. 19
  • Nov. 2
  • Nov. 16
  • Nov. 30

MASTT Staff Advisor

MASTT Leadership

Katherine Del Cairo, President

Victor Pedraza, Vice President

Kyle DuBose, Secretary

Quan Nguyen, Treasurer

Marianne Villanueva, Volunteer Coordinator

June Yagle, Social Media Coordinator

Carmen Rocha, Social Events Coordinator