UTeach Outreach

Every semester, UT students from all majors enroll in the UTeach Outreach course (CH207K and CH371K). This unique course is planned around your schedule and provides opportunities to boost your resume, strengthen your content, engage in leadership, and improve your communication skills. UT students learn how to present engaging lessons that inspire 2nd-8th grade students to explore important technology, mathematics or science principles. Check with your advisor about how Outreach can fit into your degree plan and what type of credit you will receive.

How to Register:

CH 207K has no prerequisites:

Register for this course when your registration access is open as you would for any other course.

CH 371K has three prerequisites:

  • upper-division standing (Junior/Senior)
  • 30hrs in-residence (at UT)
  • currently majoring in NUR, PHR, any GEO field, any CNS field, any ENG field, or any CS field

If you do not meet these prerequisites, fill out the UTeach Outreach CH371K surveyThis will allow us to review your information and contact you with additional information on how we can help get you in the course!