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Deadline for Fall 2024 Apprentice Teaching (Final Field Experience): April 17, 2024 by 11:59 pm

Students are introduced to the Preliminary Portfolio in Step 1 and Step 2 (UTS 101 and UTS 110). You'll be expected to add documents and ideas to your portfolio every semester, building toward a completed preliminary portfolio as you go through both UTeach and content courses.

A passing score on the preliminary portfolio is one of the prerequisites for admission to your Final Field Experience (Apprentice Teaching EDC 651S and UTS 170). The preliminary portfolio must be submitted by the due date in the semester prior to Apprentice Teaching.  Students will be given permission to register for EDC 651S and UTS 170 before the scores are finalized. These courses are audited after the due date and students without a passing score will be dropped, delaying their student teaching by at least one semester. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

You must also complete a minimum of 30 documented hours (1800 minutes) in your earlier field based courses prior to your Final Field Experience (Apprentice Teaching).  Each field based course (Step 1, Step 2, CI, and PBI) requires you to document this time in the schools and submit your hours as part of the course requirements.  For Preliminary Portfolio you will be asked to submit a summary of the time using the form below:

Documented Field Hours

The UTeach Portfolio is an assignment through which UTeach students demonstrate that they meet specific teaching proficiencies and exhibit mastery in subject matter knowledge. In building a portfolio, students reflect on their experiences and select specific artifacts to support the conclusions reached in the reflection, which articulates important concepts in secondary math, science, and engineering education.