Dr. Alberto A. Martínez

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Professor, Department of History

Alberto Martinez is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Albert is the author of Burned Alive: Giordano Bruno, Galileo & the Inquisition (Reaktion, 2018). He is also the author of four other books: The Cult of Pythagoras: Math and Myths (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2012), on the evolution of myths in the history of mathematics. Science Secrets: The Truth About Darwin's Finches, Einstein's Wife, and Other Myths (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011). And previously, he published Kinematics: The Lost Origins of Einstein's Relativity (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009), and Negative Math: How Mathematical Rules Can Be Positively Bent (Princeton University Press, 2005). 

He has also published articles in journals and periodicals including The American Journal of PhysicsAnnals of ScienceArchive for History of Exact SciencesPhysics in PerspectiveThe American Mathematical MonthlyPhysics TodaySchool Science ReviewMetasciencePhysics World, and Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics.

Also, Martinez also writes articles for newspapers and online magazines such as The Austin American-StatesmanThe HillSALON, the USA Today newspapersScientific AmericanThe Houston ChronicleThe Daily TexanLatinaNew Standard PressThe Chronicle of Higher EducationSloan Science & FilmTexas Perspectives, and Not Even Past. Based on articles he wrote about the 2016 Presidential Election, Martinez is writing a book about the political news media, titled: The Media Versus the Devil Mr. Trump.

  • Fellow of the American Physical Society 2020 - present
  • Public Voices Fellow, The OpEd Project 2017-18
  • Fellow of the Institute for Historical Studies, 2016-17
  • Weisman Instructor in History of Science,  Caltech, 2004–05
  • Fellow, Center for Einstein Studies,  Boston University, 2003-04
  • Fellow, Dibner Institute for History of Science and Technology,  M.I.T., 2001-03
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, History of Science,  Harvard University, 2001-03
  • Smithsonian Fellow, National Museum of American History, 2001
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