UTeach Innovative Teaching Awards

UTeach Innovative Teaching Awards seek to promote progressive teaching methods such as Project-Based Instruction, Classroom-based making, and remote instruction as well as to acknowledge the outstanding work of our newest teachers. Below are the list of all winners, runners up, and finalists.

Spring 2020

Helena Castle

Helena Castle - Winner

Bringing Cells to Life

Students participate in Project Cell, a fictional contest where students create interactive educational models of cells and how they work.

Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson - Runner Up

Thermochemistry Maker Mobiles

Inspired by kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder, students create 3-D hanging mobiles to review concepts of Thermochemistry.

Anderson Work
Daniel Nieto

Daniel Nieto - Finalist

Energy Everywhere

Students become familiar with various energy stores and explore different units of energy measurement.

Nieto Work

Fall 2019

Phillips Adebayo - Maker Winner

Periodic Trends in 3-D

Students make a personal artifact describing a periodic trend: effective nuclear charge, ionization, electronegativity, and atomic radii.

Adebayo Work

Thinh Dao - PBI Winner

Tattoo Apprentice 101

Students use Desmos to create their won personal tattoo designs.

Dao Work

Sydney Grissom - Finalist

Classification Maker Project

Students utilize their knowledge of the kingdoms to produce quilt squares representing the content.

Grissom Work

Spring 2019

Mao Leonard - Winner

Storytelling with Quadratic Transformations

Students selected a change that occurred in the lives of their favorite fictional characters or their own lives and describe a parabolic transformation that best represented this change.

Leonard Work

Jessica Rodriguez - Winner

Body Systems Maker Unit

Students learn about the human body systems main functions and structures through hands on mini-maker projects.

Rodriguez Work

Arami Rosales - Finalist

A Twist in the Marble Run - A Maker Unit

Students create a paper roller coaster through research, building, testing, and presenting their final product to the community.

Rosales Work

Halle Herzog - Finalist

Personal Conic Pictures

Students create a picture using conics sections by hand and then in Desmos. Pictures are then printed and brought to life.

Herzog Work

Ben Duong - Finalist

Making Exponentials and Logs Relevant

Students research and design an exhibit that explains exponentials or log functions.

Duong Work

Fall 2018

Peri Hornquist - Maker Winner

Geometric Construction Project

Students create a design using different geometric constructions.

Hornquist Work

Callum Campbell - PBI Winner

Energy Analysis

Students analyze real world video to create diagrams showing how energy is stored, transferred, and/or conserved by a system.

Campbell Work

Spring 2018

Joey Ewbank - Winner


A five day unit where students create a piece of music using python code.

Ewbank Work

Angela Tsai - Finalist

Mitsubishi Project

Students act as a design team for Mitsubishi Electric to create a new smartphone.

Tsai Work

Ayesha Qadri - Finalist

Let's Make Some Soap

An introduction to making where students made a bar of soap and designed their own soap dish using an online software editor.

Qadri Work

Payton Crawley - Honorable Mention

Creative Expression in Math

Students use hand tools and digital tools to build unique items designed to illustrate mathematical concepts.

Crawley Work

Fall 2017

Adbulkarim Bora & Rikki Foster - Winners

Cars: A Crash Course on Momentum

Students build, analyze, and modify car designs for challenges of their choosing.

Bora Foster Work

Amy Gross & Tricia Hughes - Finalists

Customizing the Customary System

Students create their own measurement system and convert between their unique system, U.S. Customary, and metric system.

Gross Hughes Work

Spring 2017

Jonathan Broussard & Deena Telley - Winners

I Need a Drink; Water Quality & Hydrology in Chemistry

Students explore what it means to have clean water, how we know water is drinkable, & implications for Austin water.

Broussard Telley Work

Paige Arneson & Oren Connell - Winners


Students model natural selection and see how adaptations affect an organism's fitness.

Arneson Connell Work

Thomas Borowiec & Katye Howell - Finalists

A Gardening Project

ELL Students engage in a school garden to support language learning and science engagement.

Borowiec Howell Work

Hannah Spock & Jessica Buxton - Finalists

Designing a Water Museum

Students working as independent museum professionals to design exhibits about water properties.

Spock Buxton Work

Andre Williams & Jennifer Lazare - Honorable Mention

What Affects the Rate of Reaction

Students determine how to use biotechnology to help produce biofuels more efficiently.

Williams Lazare Work