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Current UTeach Internships

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders -Makerspace (*UTeach Maker) (FULL/CLOSED)

Explore digital education and fabrication tools, work on curriculum, and help re-imagine how we might educate students through creative, unique, and equitable, hands-on STEM and Maker activities. 

Internship Details

You’ll collaborate with teachers and a Maker Coach in an innovative educational community.

*Note - This internship is restricted to students participating in UTeach Maker

POPULATION SERVED: 6-12th Grade girls from all areas of Austin. 60% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch .

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Email, Google Drive, Blend/Canvas, Zoom will be standard. Additional platforms may include Adrduino, Tinkercad, OnShape, and a variety of other STEM oriented tools. Access will be supported to the best of ability within AISD’s restrictions.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Meetings will be set up for training and regular (weekly or semi-weekly) meetings will be agreed upon for evaluating work and discussing tasks and next steps. During training Online norms will be established and agreed upon. Email and Zoom will be the main forms of communication.

Desired Qualities
Participation in UTeach Maker. Creativity, bravery, inquisitive, sense of humor.

Days and Times
Flexible between 9am-5pm M-F

Hours Per Week: Flexible 5-10
Address: 2206 Prather Lane, Austin TX 78704
Contact Details:
Oren Connell (UTeach Maker Mentor), Makerspace Manager


Austin Partners in Education

Austin Partners in Education (Math Classroom Coaching)

The APIE Math Classroom Coaching program provides volunteers to middle school math classrooms in 4-6 Title 1 middle schools within Austin Independent School District.

Internship Details

Volunteers will virtually tutor students during students’ on-line math classes. Interns will tutor math students, communicate regularly with volunteers and teachers, and help refine the online tutoring process. Interns may also help with recruiting volunteers from the UT campus. Intern interactions with students will expose them to a variety of students.

POPULATION SERVED: The population will be students attending Title 1 schools. Some of these students will be working from homes, and some will be working from schools. Many of our students are Latino. Students may be from 6th - 8th advanced classes or students from regular math classrooms. Schools will decide which students they want to prioritize for working with volunteers.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: We are still discussing the platforms volunteers will use. Some schools want to use ZOOM, others may choose, and one school is investigating whether volunteers can access BLEND - the AISD learning platform. As of now, we are still developing the plan.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: I will have phone and zoom conversations with the interns on a weekly basis to answer questions, direct their work, collect their feedback, etc. From my interactions with school administrations, I see they are very stressed this year. We are all uncertain about schooling plans and will be learning a lot as we go. The need for communication with the intern will be very high. Most of our volunteers have never tutored virtually, so we will be supporting students, volunteers, teachers - everyone!

Desired Qualities: Dependability; desire to help; ability to communicate kindly and respectfully with volunteers, students, and teachers; and a FLEXIBLE attitude and comfort with uncertainty.

Days and Times: We will work during the school day: 9-3. Tuesday - Thursday, and possibly Monday and Friday as well. I am still collected day and time info from schools.

Hours Per Week: 6-12
Address: PO Box 6118 Austin, TX 78762
Contact Details:
Sandy Bootz, Math Classroom Coaching Coordinator
512 228-2335

cedars ms logo

Cedars International Academy - Middle School

Cedars International Academy is a PK-8th grade project-based learning campus seeking interns who will mentor and tutor middle school students.

Internship Details

Currently, we are in remote learning through asynchronous and synchronous activities. Interns will also support students when completing projects and preparing for state assessments. UTeach interns will meet weekly through Zoom in either small groups or one-on-one with students who need extra support. Interns will work with experienced teachers to help students complete all aspects of a project. Interns will also support students who need extra support with daily tasks and/or STAAR lessons. Lessons will be facilitated through synchronous learning.

POPULATION SERVED: Cedars International Academy students are primarily English Language learners and/or students with accommodations.

REMOTE PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Zoom is used to connect with students through remote learning. Our learning management system in grades 6-8 is Echo. Students are familiar with using google docs, slides, and sheets. Training will be provided to interns by our Technology specialist and/or mentor teachers.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Each intern will be given a mentor teacher who helps with training, supervision, and establishing norms for professional behavior. Currently, all classes have norms that have been established when working collaboratively and online.

Desired Qualities: We are looking for interns that have a growth mindset, positive attitude, excellent work ethic, flexible, compassionate, passion for STEM, and enthusiastic about making a difference in the lives of students.

Days and Times: Flexible

Hours Per Week: 10-20
Address: 8416 N. IH-35 Austin, TX 78753
Contact Details:
Heather Rauls, Principal
512-419-1551 Ext. 335

Cedars International Next Generation High School

Cedars International Next Generation High School (CINGHS)

Cedars International Next Generation High School (CINGHS) is a 100% PBL STE(A)M Academy. We are seeking interns who will mentor and tutor high school students.

Internship Details

Currently, we are meeting synchronous and asynchronously using Zoom and various apps for those who need extra support while completing STEAM PBL projects and while preparing for state assessments.
Mentoring program: UTeach interns will meet weekly through Zoom and Breakout Rooms in small groups or one-on-one with students who need extra support while completing PBL STEM projects. Interns will work with experienced teachers to help students complete tasks such as unpacking project rubrics, completing project scaffolding, and applying STEM content knowledge to develop products.
STAAR Preparation program: UTeach interns will work with experienced Science and Math teachers to develop and facilitate hands-on, engaging lessons that can help prepare students for the EOC Algebra 1, Alg2, and other math and possibly Biology courses. Lessons will be facilitated online synchronously through Zoom and after school for 2 hours weekly during the months leading up to the STAAR exams.

POPULATION SERVED: The majority of the students who will be supported by the Mentoring and EOC Preparation programs are ESL students and/or students with accommodations.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Zoom, Echo (LMS), Google Docs, Notability, and various apps. The site will provide training for tools used.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Each intern will be assigned a mentor teacher who is an experienced PBL facilitator. Mentor teachers will help interns understand targeted STEM content and student-centered strategies for teaching these content. We currently have online school norms for both working collaboratively, and creating agency for the students. The Mentor Teacher will work closely with intern to communicate expectations and help intern learn our deeper Think Global PBL Authentic Design.

Desired Qualities: Compassionate, patient, and positive, great work ethic, deep knowledge/passion for STEM content, favors student-centered strategies for teaching & learning and sympathetic with students who have academic gaps and or learning disabilities.

Days and Times: Monday- Friday 8:30- 5:15

Hours Per Week: up to 20
Address: 6700 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin TX 78652
Contact Details:
Steven Zipkes, Principal
512-956-4423 Ext.104 or 512-569-1503


Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy (FULL/CLOSED)

The internship position at Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy provides a unique opportunity to work with middle school students, from at-risk populations at a new STEM Academy within Austin ISD.

Internship Details

Mendez students have a “resource” period to address either deficiencies in math or science when UTeach interns can assist teachers and tutor students virtually. Interns will work under the direction of a mentor teacher to design and provide a high quality supplemental education to students. Interns will work one on one or in small groups with students during math/science elective time.

POPULATION SERVED: This internship will serve Math and Science grades 6-8. The Mendez student population is 97% Hispanic and 100% free and reduced lunch.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Canvas and Zoom will be used for content delivery and collection. Different grade level/content teachers utilize other digital tools that their mentor teacher will train interns and provide access.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Interns will be under the direction of the site supervisor and their assigned teacher. The teacher will train the interns in Mendez norms and procedures used for all online instruction on the campus.

Desired Qualities: Passionate about serving low-income students, pro-active and hard working. Enthusiastic with strong personal and communication skills, patience, and the ability to relate to all students 10-14 years old.

Days and Times: Weekdays, flexible around school day 7:45-3:45

Hours Per Week: at least 2
Address: 5106 Village Square Drive, Austin TX
Contact Details:
Donna Wise, Academic Dean

Crockett High School - Math and Science Interns

Crockett High School - Math (FULL/CLOSED)

Crockett HS Math is looking for people who can join Zoom classes, help tutor, create virtual lesson plans, and anything else that comes up.

Internship Details

The majority of work would be in class assistance (chat help during the lesson, breakout rooms, etc.). There is also room for help in the differentiation of lessons for a virtual setting. The goal is to create rich, empowering lessons that include communication between students even in an online only format.

POPULATION SERVED: Students are diverse with our largest populations being defined as Hispanic and/or socioeconomically disadvantaged.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: We will be using BLEND (CANVAS) and Zoom the most often, but also extending to use of: Remind, Flipgrid, Google Drive/Classroom, Desmos, Kahoot, Quizizz, and some other newer programs.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: The goal would be to include the interns in as many Zoom meetings as possible. Any asynchronous work would be planned beforehand and the hours would be communicated explicitly through email.

Desired Qualities: Crockett Math would like people who are involved and passionate about the work. We want people who will give their best work every time and strive for the overall success of all our students.

Days and Times: Flexible

Hours Per Week: 10-20
Address: 5601 Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX 78745
Contact Details:
Logan Healey, Match Teacher
(512) 841-1691

Crockett High School - Math and Science Interns

Crocket High School - Science

Interns will work with science teachers to develop lessons, observe virtual lessons, and work alongside the classroom teacher to tutor small groups of students.

Internship Details

POPULATION SERVED: Urban school with 66% economically disadvantaged.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Zoom and/or Google Meets; BLEND (Just like Canvas); interns will work directly with teachers to get access in agreement with any school or AISD policies.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Interns will meet the classroom teacher prior to engaging with students or developing lessons. They will meet with the classroom teacher at least weekly to discuss assignments and be in contact via email, Zoom meetings, and phone.

Desired Qualities: Dependable, responsible, enthusiastic, self directed.

Days and Times: Flexible: during the school day

Hours Per Week: 10-15
Address: 5601 Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX 78745
Contact Details:
Allison Paris/ Phillips Adebayo (UTeach Grad)

Environmental Science Institute

Environmental Science Institute

Using the skills, you have learned with UTeach, you will assist with the development of educational resources for our Hot Science series

Internship Details

Hot Science – Cool Talks is a nationally-recognized STEM outreach program that shares compelling stories and research of renowned scientists with thousands of teachers, students, and families each year! Activities include:
- Creating, revising, and customizing lesson plans and hands-on activities related to the Hot Science events.
- Developing K-12 educational resources for future Hot Science initiatives including the upcoming TV documentary series and podcast. In addition, interns may be asked to participate in the following projects, depending on their interest and background experience:
- Assist in developing and revising K-12 learning modules, lesson plans, and activities related to the environment and sustainability.
- Assist in leading professional development workshops for K-12 teachers using a curriculum developed for ESI.

By interning with ESI, UTeach interns will develop content and pedagogical expertise in creating and revising lesson plans for diverse student populations. Interns will be exposed to a variety of STEM topics and content experts who are great science communicators and share their research in a way that will inspire and engage with diverse audiences, including groups severely underrepresented in STEM.

POPULATION SERVED: Interns will develop content for K-12 STEM educators both formal (teachers) and informal (parents).

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Projects will be assigned via the online project management tool, Basecamp. Interns will be able to download resources, check on assigned projects and deadlines, and upload finalized work. Interns will also have access to templates and resources developed by previous UT interns.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Weekly phone calls or Zoom meetings will be scheduled with the intern to discuss assigned projects, check on progress, and answer questions.

Desired Qualities:

  • self-motivated, independent and dedicated individual
  • strong interest in the environment and sustainability
  • strong interest in STEM outreach
  • any STEM major welcome

Days and Times: Flexible

Hours Per Week: 5-10
Address: UT Austin, E.P. Schoch Bldg, Rm 3.102A
Contact Details:
Didey Montoya, Outreach Coordinator / Dr. Jay Banner, Director;

Girlstart Program Leader

Girlstart Program Leader

Inspire girls to take on the world's greatest challenges! Girlstart is seeking multiple After School Program Leaders (called STEM CREW --Creative, Resourceful, Empowered Women) to lead our fun, hands-on, STEM-focused After School programs.

Internship Details Due to COVID, our After School programs will be conducted virtually via Zoom. The After School club calls will meet once a week for an hour and 15 minutes after the school day. The purpose of our After School program is to provide girls with a fun, free STEM enrichment program that builds confidence and encourages them to pursue paths to higher education and to discover greater career opportunities. This is a rewarding opportunity to work directly with 4th-5th grade girls empowering them in science, technology, engineering, and math activities.
Why Become a Girlstart Program Leader?
- Join Girlstart's efforts to empower and educate girls!
- Enhance your leadership and teamwork skills
- Improve your presentation and communication skills
- Build your problem solving, critical thinking, & decision-making abilities
- Be a positive and meaningful female role model for girls
- Work with a diverse peer group
- Learn from non-profit professionals that have decades of experience
For Future Educators:
- Hands-on work experience in an education setting
- Deliver fun, informal STEM programs with small groups of students
- Improve classroom management skills, teaching style, and gain curriculum writing experience
- Increase your confidence in delivering STEM-focused material
- On the job training in informal stem education, the Girlstart Method, gender equity in the classroom, and other issues relating to STEM and integrated STEM education
- Receive guidance, expertise, and feedback from previous classroom teachers


POPULATION SERVED: Girlstart serves 4th-5th grade girls in partner schools within Austin ISD, Del Valle ISD, Georgetown ISD, Hays CISD, Leander ISD, Pflugerville ISD, and Round Rock ISD.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Girlstart will train After School Program Leaders in the following tools utilized for the After School Club Calls:
Smug Mug
Google Suite

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Training will be conducted with a combination of online modules and a full day intensive training conducted via Zoom to ensure all of our Program Leaders understand Girlstart’s expectations for After School Club Calls. We will monitor work by having group check-ins on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, observing calls throughout the semester, and having individual check-ins when needed. Additionally, Program Leaders are required to clock in and out for their respective virtual shifts each week.

Desired Qualities: Experience working with kids preferred
Desire to empower and educate girls in STEM
Reliable transportation (or valid driver’s license for at least 1 year), driving to and from respective programs is required for the position
Comfortable presenting to a group of girls
Classroom management skills helpful
Proficient using Google Drive apps
Strong time management skills
All majors welcome (STEM background not required)
Comfortable on Zoom

Days and Times: Monday - Thursday

Hours Per Week: 5-15
Address: 1400 West Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757
Contact Details:
Shelby Schaefer, Program Coordinator
512-916-4775 ext 29

High School Research Initiative (HRI)

High School Research Initiative (HRI) *pre approval required

Offering a dual-enrollment research course (similar to the UTeach Research Methods course), the HRI has just embarked on the fifth year of the program, which includes additional high school partners (seven partners in all). With this growth, we’d like to grow our personnel to include UTeach interns.

*NOTE - THIS INTERNSHIP REQUIRES PRE-APPROVAL. If interested, please contact the site supervisor (listed below) directly to set up an interview.

Internship Details The interns’ primary responsibilities will include:

- Event assistance. The intern will assist in planning and hosting a number of HRI events, including a teacher recruitment event, HRI open-house event, and showcase events for students. These events occur in October, April, and May.
- Communication assistance. The intern will assist with the communication needs of the HRI. In this role, the intern will communicate the latest activities of the HRI to the public, legislature, etc. Experience with multiple communication platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) is preferred.
- Assisting the high school teachers, who are teaching the dual-enrollment course. This assistance could be in the form of assisting students in determining their open-inquiry research projects, transferring materials/reagents between campuses, facilitating classroom discussions (via video conferences), as well as other activities to support the teachers
- Evaluation of high school student work according to the standards set by UT faculty (potential responsibility). This could potentially include the revision and/or development of new evaluation instruments if needed.
- Additional project-based responsibilities to maintain and grow the HRI program.


POPULATION SERVED: The intern will primarily serve high school teachers and high school students (seniors).

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: The interns will be using Zoom and Canvas Learning Management System. Students will be familiar with Zoom and Canvas through their class experience with UT. Training will be provided for Zoom etiquette and grading in Canvas.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: The intern will be primarily trained and supervised by the HRI Outreach Program Coordinator, Jill Rhoden, who leads the HRI communication efforts and evaluation of student work. Additionally, the intern will be trained on all rubrics used in the class. This training involves the intern and Outreach Program Coordinator grading the same student work using the same rubric, then comparing their evaluation results. Additional training by Deanna Buckley (UTeach Master Teacher and HRI Program Coordinator) and Gwen Stovall (HRI Director) is expected in the form of 1:1 training on specific teaching support activities and event assistance, respectively.

Desired Qualities: Are you ready to work with high school science students and their science teachers? Do you enjoy project-based science projects? If so, then please consider applying for the HRI internship position! The HRI is looking for responsible, enthusiastic interns to develop evaluation, communication, organization, and leadership skills that will be essential and applicable in a future classroom. UTeach students who participated in and thoroughly enjoyed their **Research Methods course** are encouraged to apply!

Days and Times: Flexible

Hours Per Week: 10 - 20
Address: UT Austin
Contact Details:
Gwendolyn Stovall, Assistant Professor of Practice

Innovation Lab @ Magellan International School & co.lab Community Makers (FULL)

Innovation Lab @ Magellan International School

At The Innovation Lab for Design @ Magellan International School, UTeach interns will have access to the school’s makerspace and its technology, from digital fabrication equipment (e.g. laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC mill) to more traditional tools like saws and drills and will also have the opportunity to design maker-centric, STEM-based lessons for middle school classes.

Internship Details

Interns will work with a variety of tools, concepts, and techniques that integrate STEM-related concepts in an International Baccalaureate (IB) context. The students at Magellan are curious, enthusiastic, and interested in global issues including social and environmental justice.

POPULATION SERVED: Magellan is a multi-lingual campus with Spanish immersion and Mandarin starting at 3rd grade.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Google Apps for Education (GAFE), SeeSaw, Tinkercad, and Nearpod. The Innovation and IT departments will help interns access these platforms as needed.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: We will meet in person via Zoom and/or Google Meets to establish norms and for regular check-ins in addition to email and shared files.

Desired Qualities: Organized, flexible, and kind.

Days and Times: Flexible, to be coordinated with the site supervisor

Hours Per Week: up to 20
Address: 7938 Great Northern Blvd, Austin, TX 78757
Contact Details:
Patrick Benfield (UTeach Maker Mentor)

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (FULL/CLOSED)

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is looking for an intern that wants to focus on secondary education in one of the natural sciences.

Internship Details

The intern will create activity/activities that will align with one (some) of the middle or high school TEKS. The activity would be used for middle or high school groups that visit the Wildflower Center on self-guided visits. This will align with the UTeach mission to provide internship experiences by allowing students to create curriculum that is based on the TEKS.

POPULATION SERVED: Middle and high school students.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Zoom, Teams, Outlook. The intern will use their own computer and we will be able to share our drive at work for what they will need.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: We will have Zoom and/or Team calls for training and supervision. Our department will discuss what online norms should look like for professional behavior and will then share them with the intern. Work will be monitored every week with intern submitting outline/drafts of work completed. We will stay in communication with interns via email, phone call, Teams or Zoom. There will be scheduled weekly check ins.

Desired Qualities: Enthusiastic, self-starter, curious, motivated, knowledgeable about native plants a plus, but not necessary.

Days and Times: Variable, depending on intern schedule.

Hours Per Week: up to 20
Address: 4801 La Crosse Ave. Austin, TX 78745
Contact Details:
Julie Graham, Education Coordinator

manor new tech logo

Manor New Tech High School

Manor New Tech High School is a PBL campus that is a part of the New Tech Network. Interns will work directly with math teachers to plan engaging activities as well as tutor students in a small group setting.

Internship Details

Interns will support teachers by assisting in the planning and implementation of engaging lessons and projects. MNTHS teachers will give interns much autonomy in the lessons they create as well as run critical friends on work so interns have the opportunity to refine their work wherever possible. Teaching through projects and inquiry-based lessons means we as teachers are constantly exploring and writing our own curriculum. A lot of collaboration goes into such work, which is why we ask interns to come in with an open mindset and are not afraid to take risks on new ideas.

POPULATION SERVED: MNTHS is a Title I public school that serves a diverse group of HS students. Most of our students are working online as Travis County remains in State 5 of Covid-19. It is likely changes to our “pod” schedule will occur if Travis county exists Stage 5 in the coming months.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Interns will be expected to use google drive and zoom. It is encouraged that interns explore and feel comfortable implementing online teaching tools like Desmos, Quizzizz, Kahoot, Phet Simulations, Doceri, Nearpod, Aww App, Jamboard, and any other relevant and enriching platform to enrich their lessons.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Interns will work with supervising teachers to establish norms and expectations during their first zoom meeting. Interns should expect a weekly zoom check as well as daily check-ins via slack messages, texts, or emails about any existing projects.

Desired Qualities: MNTHS math department would like interns who have a passion for math and are experimental in their lessons and teaching strategies. Teaching virtually completely alters the expectation of what a math classroom typically looks like. The MNTHS math team is looking for interns who are ready to come in with an open mindset and seek strategies to help engage students in inquiry-based lessons and support collaboration in an online setting where students can easily feel isolated. We expect teachers to communicate their lesson plan ideas and keep all google folders and activities up to date and organized.

Days and Times: Flexible around school hours. M-F 8:10-4:00.

Hours Per Week: up to 15
Address: 10323 US-290, Manor, TX, 78653
Contact Details:
Halle Herzog, Math Teacher,
281-702-5393 (FULL/CLOSED)

MathHappens Foundation is renewing our focus on access to learning. We are seeking new, creative, diverse and off screen ways to make mathematics more accessible.

Internship Details

Interns will be working on mathematics programming to support museums and cultural centers that will be appropriate for their remote learning with a focus on incorporating physical models and hands on activities. In addition, we will be researching ideas and exhibits, creating math content for placement in the newspaper and making videos for Austin Public Access stations. We have been creating math activities kits and plan to continue this program into fall.

POPULATION SERVED: MathHappens Foundation is seeking to reach underserved communities and people who have limited opportunities to learn.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: We have a number of articles, websites and resources that inform our work and we can provide a copy of Corel Draw for interns. We will be working with Corel draw to make items for the laser cutter and also producing some desktop publishing and video editing.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: New interns will be paired with returning staff from summer and previous years. We have a weekly staff meeting and communicate via email and a shared google drive for work products.

Desired Qualities: Creativity and interest in connecting with math learners of all levels and abilities. Interest in math history, research, math modeling and creative communication.

Days and Times: Flexible

Hours Per Week: 5-10
Address: 1606 Pearl Street, Austin TX 78701
Contact Details:
Lauren Siegel (UTeach Maker Mentor)/ Michelle Tat

NYOS Charter School

NYOS Charter School (Math)

An internship at NYOS Charter School is an opportunity to work with a math department comprised entirely of UTeach grads! Interns will work with students during class and after school in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, AP Statistics, Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus.

Internship Details

Interns will support teachers by researching, creating, and supporting the implementation of student-centered lessons using websites/programs Desmos, Nearpod, IXL, Kahoot, Pear Deck, Edpuzzle and Google suite. During class, interns may be asked to work in small groups via Google meet to reinforce concepts and clarify misconceptions. During tutorials, interns will be asked to work with students individually or in groups on homework, projects, or to help them prepare for an exam.
At NYOS, every teacher writes their own curriculum. By helping teachers prepare lessons, the interns will become more familiar with every aspect of lesson planning and implementation, from unpacking the TEKS to creating mini-lessons on the spot. In addition to our familiarity with the practices taught in the UTeach program, our school has a mission to educate the whole student. To honor this mission we differentiate instruction to meet the different learning preferences and needs of our diverse population. By working alongside our teachers, interns will become familiar with modifying curriculum and providing accommodations to students receiving services.

POPULATION SERVED: Interns will work with high school students. Class sizes range from 10 to 18 students.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Our department uses mostly Desmos, Nearpod, IXL, Kahoot, Pear Deck, Edpuzzle and Google suite. Interns will have the opportunity to collaborate with the teachers and will have access to any of the paid programs/softwares our school utilizes.

COMMUNICATION AND NORMS: Interns will first meet with the site supervisor to create a schedule based on availability and preferred courses. After setting their schedule, interns will meet with me and the teacher(s) they will work with to establish expectations during class and tutorial sessions. Interns will have a teacher present in their virtual meetings or be in a recorded meeting when working with students one-on-one. The site supervisor will communicate with teachers and interns to make sure their placement was a good fit. The supervisor will meet with interns individually as needed to address questions and/or concerns about the work they’re doing.

Desired Qualities: At NYOS, we serve many students with varying needs so we need interns who are enthusiastic, patient, flexible, resourceful, creative, and most importantly, who believe that every student can learn.

Days and Times: Flexible. Up to 20 hours

Hours Per Week: up to 20
Address: 12301 North Lamar Blvd Building A
Contact Details:
Becca Landman (UTeach Grad), Math Teacher

NYOS Charter School

NYOS Charter School (Science)

An internship with NYOS Science is an opportunity to work with innovative middle and high school teachers as they promote student learning in science.

Internship Details

Interns will be able to gain experience on student-centered educational strategies including, inquiry-based, project-based and maker-based lessons, even REMOTELY!. Interns will help support teachers by researching, creating and supporting the implementation of student centered lessons. Interns would work directly with Supervisor Kira Lowery to create and manage interactive remote lesson plans for 7th grade science and potentially other science classes from 6th-12th grade.

POPULATION SERVED: Interns will be working with the supervisor who teachers 7th graders at NYOS Charter School. This will be a diverse population of students all with individual learning differences. Interns will also be working with the entire science department who teachers grades 6th-12th grade.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Interns will be responsible for working with the supervisor to create engaging online lessons and resources for students. All creations will be through the google drive platform but may include resources such as Nearpod, Pear Deck, Edpuzzle, Scratch, and other online learning resources. This will help prepare UTeach interns for their professions as teachers. They will be able to create lessons that meet all students' needs and provide an authentic engaging learning experience. Most resources will be free but the supervisor will create a NYOS specific email address for interns to have access to these resources.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: The supervisor will meet at least every other day with interns to discuss their duties and progress. If interns are interested in meeting and attending virtual classes, they are expected to maintain professional teacher etiquette. Interns will be responsible for completing timesheets and letting the supervisor know when they are unable to work.

Desired Qualities: At NYOS, we serve many students with varying needs so we need interns who are enthusiastic, patient, flexible, resourceful, creative, and most importantly, who believe that every student can learn.

Days and Times: Flexible. Weekdays typically between 8-5 PM

Hours Per Week: Up to 20
Address: 12301 North Lamar Blvd Building A
Contact Details:
Kira Lowery (UTeach Grad) (UTeach Maker Fellow), NYOS Instructor
832-244-8903/ 915-525-2399

UTeach Square Logo

Step Peer Mentors (FULL/CLOSED)

UTeach students who have completed Step 2 will support Step students in preparing for lessons, organizing schedules, and navigating the UTeach program.

***Instructor referral required. If you are interested please contact a previous UTeach Master Teacher for a referral and have them email your name and recommendation to*****

Internship Details

These mentors will serve as a friendly face that can act as a resource for new UTeach students during their first teaching experience. Peer mentors will be expected to remotely attend the Step class/classes the are assigned to work with and hold virtual workroom hours.

POPULATION SERVED: Peer mentors work directly with post secondary students in the UTeach program. They also support UTeach master teachers, instructors, graduates, and mentor teachers as needed.

PLATFORMS AND TOOLS: UT Austin uses the CANVAS LMS and remote instruction takes place via ZOOM.

COMMUNICATION AND ONLINE NORMS: Peer mentors will have an orientation meeting at the start of every semester. They will also have a bi-weekly team check in with Shelly Rodriguez, the UTeach internship coordinator. When engaged in remote work with students, interns are expected to adhere to the code of ethics for Texas Teachers as well as those put forth by the National Tutoring Association.

Desired Qualities: Friendly, positive, knowledgeable about the 5E lesson plan model, supportive, responsible, interested in supporting other with remote teaching tools.

Days and Times: Determined by Step course schedule. Workroom hours are flexible.

Hours Per Week: 5-20
Address: Painter 4.08
Contact Details:
Dr. Shelly Rodriguez, Step 1 Instructor and UTeach Internship Coordinator

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The Hatchery - Texas Performing Arts Makerspace

The Hatchery is a university makerspace dedicated to collaboration and project development between engineering and arts disciplines.This internship is for those who want to participate in learning to work in and run a productive makerspace.

Internship Details

In this internship, you will help to develop operational protocols, create training modules, set norms, and support interdisciplinary maker projects. 

POPULATION SERVED: Undergraduate students at The University of Texas at Austin.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Email, Zoom, Slack, Discord

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Zoom meetings will be with frequent Slack interactions throughout, weekly, mutually agreed upon milestones will be established in the first half of the Spring. These may include project milestones or training goals (if, for example, the intern needs additional software training). In the final five weeks of the semester, the intern will propose and develop a capstone project related to training, inventory, or culture.  

Desired Qualities
Participation in UTeach Maker. Enthusiasm to try new things, curiosity to seek and define problems, and courage to speak one’s mind and disagree with staff/faculty develop best outcomes for all.

Days and Times
Flexible, Monday and Wednesday preferable

Hours Per Week: Flexible 8 - 12
Address: 2305 Trinity St. Austin TX 78723
Contact Details:
J. E. Johnson, Scenic Studio Supervisor, Lecturer


The Young Scientists Program at Kealing MS/ LASA HS

Provide academic Support (tutoring) via zoom classes to low SES students from diverse minority backgrounds that have demonstrated interest and potential for advanced academic success and will be the first generation to attend college. .

Internship Details

Interns will provide academic support during tutoring sessions and assist with monitoring students’ progress, understanding of STEM concepts and completion of assignments. Interns will assist students with developing good study and organization skills and encourage communication with teachers to build confidence in asking for additional help. Interns will role model effective study habits, love of learning, self-discipline, and assist with the application process for advanced programs, colleges and scholarships.

POPULATION SERVED: 1st gen students from low SES backgrounds underrepresented in STEM fields involved in the Young Scientists Program.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Students and Interns will be invited to Zoom sessions for assignments from the Blend platform and assist with review and corrections of content assessments.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: The site supervisor will actively monitor every zoom sessions and seek support for additional AISD staff to assist with monitoring sessions as needed. Interns will be required to register with Austin Partner In Education for additional tutor/mentor training resources and required to sign the AISD Confidentiality Agreement.

Desired Qualities: Math and Science content knowledge. Interest in supporting 1st gen students from low SES backgrounds underrepresented in STEM fields. Ability to encourage students to build confidence and overcome challenges that come with advanced academic rigor.

Days and Times: Monday – Friday:7:30 – 8:30 || 11:30 – 1:00 || 3:00 – 4:00

Hours Per Week: 5-10
Address: Kealing Middle School, 1607 Pennsylvania Ave. 78702 / LASA High School, 7309 Lazy Creek Dr. 78724 near intersection of 183/290
Contact Details:
Jo Garcia, Austin Urban Scholars/Young Scientist Program Coordinator

Travis High School

Travis High Early College School (Engineering)

This internship is an excellent fit for any student interested in teaching a CTE or science class. You can learn new teaching skills and/or technology skills, depending on your main interests.

Internship Details

Because of our remote learning, our focus will be on using online technologies such as online CAD (3D modeling), and using virtual simulations (such as pHet simulations). In a regular classroom setting, we would also work on using classroom technology such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and workshop tools. I also help run the robotics club at our school, so if you’re interested in programming and building, you’re welcome to join us during our meeting times.

POPULATION SERVED: 9-12th grade students, some Spanish speakers, some ELL students.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: We will be using Blend, other tools TBA. The site supervisor will add you to the course.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Contact the site supervisors through email or text if you cannot attend. Zoom calls will be used to discuss tasks. You will stay in touch through email or text and will discuss online norms during your first internship meeting.

Desired Qualities: Punctual, reliable, honest, willing to learn new things, good with technology (not required).

Days and Times: Flexible. Mon-Fri, 9-4:30 pm available, the robotics club normally meets on Tuesdays but it is TBD

Hours Per Week: up to 20
Address: 1211 East Oltorf, Austin, TX 78704
Contact Details:
Miriam R Reyes Juarez (UTeach Grad) (UTeach Maker Fellow)

Travis High School

Travis High Early College School (Science)

Our team has experience implementing blended lessons, but we are looking for new ideas and support in the virtual world. UTeach interns will learn how to implement different activities synchronously and asynchronously in a 5E format.

Internship Details

The nature of this remote internship depends on your schedule! We would love your help finding and testing out cool resources, monitoring Zoom classrooms, communicating with the community, setting up DonorsChoose projects and more! In Zoom rooms, you might help teachers take attendance, monitor the chat, or interact with students in break out rooms. Interns might be responsible for developing new activities, testing out or differentiating activities made by teachers, assisting with synchronous Zoom classes (virtual classroom experience), communicating with families, and more! All of this will give the UTeach student an authentic educator’s experience in the virtual world!

POPULATION SERVED: Travis ECHS is an intimate Title 1 school in the middle of a big city. Our student population is 94% ethinic minorities, 36% ELL, and 17% SpEd. We hold our students to high expectations, and they usually rise to our standards!

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Zoom, BLEND (Canvas), Playposit, and more! Our PLCs are very supportive- we will show you how to use tools that enhance virtual instruction and the teacher you are working with will ensure you have full access to any required resources.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Interns will be assigned to check in and work with a teacher or PLC.

Desired Qualities: We would love someone who is organized, enthusiastic, tech savvy, Spanish speaking is a plus, but not required.

Days and Times: Flexible

Hours Per Week: up to 20
Address: 1211 E Oltorf St Austin, TX 78704
Contact Details:
Katye Howell Science Department Chair & Instructional Specialist

UT Online High School Tutors

UT Online High School Tutors

This position offers an opportunity to: provide academic guidance to high school students in an online learning environment, monitor academic progress following a Personal Graduation Plan, state graduation requirements, and state assessments, support all levels of learners, those who need direct academic support (especially in higher-level math and science courses) as well as those who excel academically, and mentor college-bound seniors.

Internship Details

Key Job Tasks Include:

  1. monitor student progress in completing courses and meeting graduation requirements;
  2. assist students with their online courses;
  3. provide students with academic support in high school math and science course content;
  4. conduct research when curriculum questions arise;
  5. consult with subject experts and course instructors; and
  6. communicate with high school students from Texas and other states and countries as well as work with partner schools in China and Vietnam

POPULATION SERVED: UTeach interns work with UTHS Diploma students who are living throughout the world through skype.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Skype, box, outlook 365, Canvas.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Interns will have to sign a contract to work directly with UTHS students. They are trained by our site supervisor to ensure expectations are met. Student tutoring appointments are tracked daily and communication takes place routinely to ensure students are making their appointments and interns questions are being answered. Interns work is monitored through our scheduling calendar, tutoring appointment tracking log and an immediate conversation through teams when a student does not show up for a scheduled appointment. Interns will communicate with UTHS students through UTHS skype accounts and outlook 365 email. Interns have access to UTHS staff through TEAMS (calls/messages) and phone calls.

Desired Qualities: We seek individuals interested in working with high school students in person and via Skype (students live all over Texas, the US, and internationally.) We want students who want to mentor high school students in a non-traditional school environment by helping them achieve academically and providing guidance for students seeking a post-secondary education. Interns for this position should have strong communication skills.

Days and Times: up to 19 hours /week, flexible schedule (work can be done around student’s course schedule)

Hours Per Week: ~19 hours/week, flexible schedule
Address: UT Development Building, 2901 North IH-35, Austin, TX 78722
Contact Details:
Eric Fredrickson, Assistant Principal

UTeach Square Logo

UTeach Math Department Intern - *pre approval required

These positions are Undergraduate Teaching Assistant positions for selected mathematics courses..

**This internship must be prearranged with Dr. Daniels. Please contact him for approval before selecting this internship**

Internship Details

Interns will assist the Instructor of Record of selected mathematics courses in a TA-like capacity. This could include assisting students in the class, holding reviews, and some minimal grading

POPULATION SERVED: UT students in mathematics courses

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Canvas, Zoom, and other online tools as determined by the mathematics course instructor.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: These expectations are individual to the Instructor of Record for the course, who will meet with the intern regularly.

Desired Qualities: Mathematics Major, Personable, Knowledgeable, and Good Communicators.

Days and Times: to be arranged with cooperating instructor

Hours Per Week: 10
Contact Details:
Dr. Mark Daniels, Clinical Associate Professor Mathematics

UTeach Outreach

UTeach Outreach *pre approval required

UTeach Outreach seeks qualified individuals who are dedicated to the community for our leadership team. Remote positions available include after-school club coaches, communications coordinators, and more.

**This internship must be prearranged. Please contact Mary Conovan (email below) for approval before requesting this internship**

Internship Details

All positions are designed around your semester schedule and work to help you meet your education and future career goals. UTeach interns will have the opportunity to support and organize online STEM activities for local school districts. Opportunities will include working with or observing active classrooms and after-school clubs. Accompanied with reflection and feedback opportunities, this internship will help them design and/or build upon their current pedagogical practices.

POPULATION SERVED: Students, grades 2nd-6th grade, enrolled in local school districts.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: All interns will gain experience in the following platforms:

• Zoom – for fieldwork, training, and all meetings

• Slack – for team communication

• Canvas – for access to documents, project submissions, and access to Zoom

Interns can receive technical support and assistance during their initial training period for any platform above. No prior experience with these platforms is required for any position we offer.


• Weekly meetings with your internship team and supervisor will be used as a time to check in on the status of daily and weekly tasks. These will also serve as a time for individual reflection about what has gone well and what could be improved.

• One-on-one check-ins with your supervisor will occur at the halfway point and end of the semester. This is an opportunity to evaluate goals and expectations set at the beginning of the semester.

• Communication with interns, supervisors, and teams will primarily occur via Slack, Canvas, and Zoom meetings.

Desired Qualities: UTeach Outreach is looking for responsible, energetic interns that are seeking to develop communication, organization, and leadership skills that will be essential and applicable in a future classroom or within any field.

Days and Times: Monday – Thursday 8am-6pm

Hours Per Week: 5-8 as you request
Address: Painter Hall 4.08 or BOT (UTeach Outreach Villa) or at local schools – based on the position you select
Contact Details:
Mary Conovan, Program Coordinator

Westcave Preserve

Westcave Preserve

Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center has two core programs: the operation of its stunning 76-Preserve on the edge of the Pedernales River in far-western Travis County, and, its work as the backbone of the Children in Nature Collaborative of Austin. Westcave’s work is at home in restorative conservation and extends to its success leading the charge to provide equitable access to nature for children and families in Central Texas.

Internship Details

Remote-interns will work in a variety of capacities, primarily with our education and executive team in our efforts to create opportunities for school children, their families, and the families of their teachers to connect and learn in nature during a time of digitally-driven distancing. Using our Preserve as a resource, interns will help with outreach, data collection, and digitally-driven lesson design related to the ecology, geology or Texas.

Additionally, they will have the opportunity to work with our Executive Director and leadership team as we expand our work with the City of Austin’s “Nature Based Libraries” initiative, and our new program offered in conjunction with the LBJ National Historical Park and Teton Science Schools to build and bring place-based education to rural educators in Central Texas through the lens of LBJ’s environmental legacy.

POPULATION SERVED: The initiatives described serve broad, diverse populations, but focus primarily on low-income and urban, or low-income rural students and their teachers.

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: Interns will be expected to communicate regularly with our staff using “traditional” platforms like telephone, email and/or text, as well as other platforms like G-suite and zoom. A knowledge of citizen science platforms like iNaturalist, eBird, SEEK, and Merlin would be beneficial.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: Westcave has written policies for employees related to use of online platforms and communication between employees, as well as those related to guest/customer interaction that interns will be expected to adhere to. We will communicate using the tools identified in question 4, and their work will be monitored throughout in the form of an agreed and adopted work-plan for the course of their internship.

Desired Qualities: Curiosity chasers with a strong, demonstrated commitment to equity driven by functional, systems-literacy and constructivist learning philosophy (place-based, project-based, inquiry-based, interest-based, service-based, etc.)

Days and Times: Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm or Monday- Friday 9am-2:30pm

Hours Per Week: 10
Address: 24814 Hamilton Pool Rd., Round Mt., TX 78663
Contact Details:
Trevor Hance, Executive Director

Why Academy

Why Academy

We are seeking individuals interested in providing math/science tutorials 5th-12th grade rural students online. Students who work with the Why Academy will exercise their content knowledge through tutoring middle school and high school students in STEM subjects.

Internship Details

The students who will receive these Sessions are from rural communities and can provide the UTeach students more experience and insight on working with rural populations and meeting their needs. This internship will also allow students to learn new ways to integrate technology and explore blended learning resources.

POPULATION SERVED: Rural Students 5th -12th Grades

PLATFORMS & TOOLS: All interns will use the zoom platform for each tutoring session. Interns will use Google Drive applications such as gmail, google forms, google meets and google docs to communicate with students and site supervisors. Interns will have gmail accounts to access these tools and complete training on the use of technology.

COMMUNICATION & NORMS: All interns will be receiving 2 hours training using online modules to learn how to utilize the technology, how to set up logistics and scheduling, and how to engage students in online tutoring to ensure success. The students will be supervised on the UT campus/ online by Dr. Ariel Taylor. Each session is logged and time-stamped automatically. Additionally parents, students and tutors complete a satisfaction survey following each session that is monitored by the site supervisors.

Desired Qualities: Desire to empower and educate rural students, proficient using Google Drive apps, desire to learn new communication tech tools such as Zoom, strong time management and communication skills, ability to advise and mentor students on how to be successful academically.

Days and Times: Weekdays 4-8pm, Saturday Mornings and Sunday afternoons. Flexible based on student and tutor availability.

Hours Per Week: up to 20
Address: PO Box 22 Wharton TX 78660
Contact Details:
Brittney Johnson, Director of Programs or Dr. Ariel Taylor, Founding Director,