ci mentor teachers

Duties and Expectations for Mentor Teachers

Mentor Teachers:

  • attend a planning session early in the semester to meet UTeach teachers as well as plan and schedule the field experiences.
  • provide feedback on lesson plans and communicate with teaching teams about lesson content and logistics as needed.
  • supervise UTeach students during classroom visits. These visits consist of both observation and instruction. 
  • document classroom visits by signing time-stamped student observation or lesson feedback forms.

Mentor Teachers receive a stipend for each team of students that they supervise. 

During classroom visits, Mentor Teachers:

  • are present in the classroom at all times and do not leave UTeach teachers alone with a substitute or student teacher.
  • assume primary responsibility for classroom management.
  • promptly complete and sign lesson feedback forms. A copy of the form goes the UTeach teacher, either in hard copy or electronically.

NOTE: These forms are important as students read and reflect on them before the next teach. They also provide evidence that students have taught each lesson, a requirement for passing the course.

The UTeach Natural Sciences program thanks all of our Mentor Teachers for their dedication to the next generation of STEM educators.