getting certified

Getting Certified

Certification Requirements in Texas​

  • complete an undergraduate degree
  • complete an approved certification program
  • apply and pay your fee through your TEAL Login (top menu banner)
    • Click on View My Educator Certification Account in your Application Tab about your TEA ID Number.
    • Verify your Contact Information
    • Click on the Application side left menu to select and apply for your certification
    • You may do this at ANY TIME during your final field experience to begin the process
  • pass both required exams (access to exams is provided only to students who have been accepted into the Final Field Experience)
  • complete the required fingerprinting process. Some students may have already completed this process and will just need to verify that their fingerprints are on file with the state of Texas for TEA access.

Certification Process

As soon as grades are posted, UTeach provides program completion documentation to the University’s Certification Officer.  The Certification Officer checks the list above and recommends students for certification if all of the requirements are met.

Documentation is not sent if:

  • you are registered for courses after your student teaching semester
  • you are missing degree requirements
  • you have not applied to graduate
For Undergraduates

For certification, you're an undergraduate if your degree will be awarded in the same semester you take Apprentice Teaching or after that semester.

Degrees must become official before you can be recommended for certification. You need to:

  • apply through your TEAL Login (top menu banner)
    • select: University of Texas - Austin (University Based)
  • complete the fingerprinting process
  • pass both TExES exams

For certification, you are a degree-holder if you earned an undergraduate degree before your Apprentice Teaching semester. There are 2 options, though, when you apply to SBEC. See below.

You can be recommended for certification as soon as grades post, if you have

  • applied through your TEAL Login (top menu banner)
    • If you are seeking certification alone, select: University of Texas - Austin (Alternative)
    • If you are seeking another degree (such as a graduate degree) in addition to certification, select: University of Texas - Austin (University Based)
  • completed the fingerprinting process
  • passed both TExES exams


Did You Apply For the Wrong Certification Pathway?

University Based? Alternative? See above for which pathway you should select. Or ask us. Include your UT EID and TEAL#.

It is definitely confusing. If you applied for the incorrect certification pathway, you can get it changed. The TEA Help page has instructions for changing the pathway on your application. 

Where’s My Certification?

Wondering where your certification is? Here are some possibilities:

  • Did you apply to graduate? Is your degree official yet
  • Did you apply for the certification yet? (Through Your TEAL Account under Applications)
    • Standard Certification
      • Degree awarded in your Apprentice Teaching semester or after, select: University of Texas - Austin (University Based)
      • Degree awarded before your Apprentice Teaching semester AND you are seeking another degree, select: University of Texas - Austin (University Based)
      • Degree awarded before your Apprentice Teaching semester and you are not seeking another degree, select: University of Texas - Austin (Alternative)
  • Have you completed the fingerprinting process?
  • Have you taken and passed all exams? IMPORTANT: The number of retakes is now limited. More information about these new limits is availabe from TEA.
  • Did you finish course work or degree requirements after Apprentice Teaching? Send us an email to let us know you’re ready to be certified.
  • Did you finish course work for certification after your degree became officialSend us an email to let us know you’re ready to be certified.

FINGERPRINTING: Did you complete the fingerprinting process, but your SBEC application still states incomplete? This is a known glitch in the system. Call TEA Fingerprinting at 512 936 8400/option 3. Options for other certification questions are also available.

Important: Limit on the number of retakes for TExES exams

As of September 1, 2015, candidates are limited to four retakes on a certification test, in accordance with HB 2205, 84th Texas Legislature, 2015.

In January 2016 the ETS Eligibility web service was changed to not send test approvals for a specific test when the educator has reached or exceeded the exam limit of 5 attempts for that test. Please note that the exam registration system does not prevent a person from registering for more than one test on their fifth attempt. If a person registers for more than one Core Subjects subtest (800 series test), and if the person passes on a sixth attempt, that person will need to request a waiver for the attempt to count for certification.

Details about educator testing are available on the TEA website. There's also an FAQ about limits on the number of test attempt.

There is a 45 day wait period between exam attempts.

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