Research Methods

Research Methods (BIO 337, CH 368, or PHY 341)

One 3-hour course: BIO 337-2 or CH368-1 or PHY341-7.

Students develop and carry out four independent inquiries and learn to combine skills from STEM areas in order to solve research problems.

This course meets the criteria for the following flags required for all undergraduate degrees at the University of Texas at Austin: Independent Inquiry, Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning.

Much of the work generated in this course can be incorporated into the portfolio.

Students must appeal to register for this course a third time regardless of whether it was taken as BIO, CH, or PHY.

Prerequisites: Students with upper-division standing may take Research Methods after Step 1 and Step 2. These are the only prerequisites that apply to UTeach students. Additional prerequisites published in the course schedule may vary with topics other than UTeach Research Methods. Talk to your UTeach advisor if you have questions about meeting prerequisites.