Classroom Interactions

Classroom Interactions (EDC 365D)

One 3-hour course.

Find Classroom Interactions under EDC, not UTS.

This course allows you to see how theories explored in Knowing and Learning play out in classrooms. You will design and implement instructional activities informed by your understanding of what it means to know and learn in STEM areas, and you will then evaluate the outcomes of those activities. You will also consider frameworks for thinking about equity issues in the classroom and larger school settings, learn strategies for teaching students of diverse backgrounds equitably, and use technologies to build relationships among teachers and students.

Expect to dedicate some out-of-class time to video transfer, lesson planning, and working on your portfolio.

Prerequisites: C- or better in UTS101, UTS110, and EDC365C and a university GPA of at least 2.5. If you have less than a 2.5 GPA, talk to your UTeach advisor to discuss your options.