Project-Based Instruction

Project-Based Instruction (EDC 365E)

One 3-hour course.

Find Project-Based Instruction under EDC, not UTS. 

In this course, you will aim to master new technologies for problem-based investigations in STEM field classrooms, teaching project-based lessons to high school students. You will also discuss the use of assessment to improve student learning. The field component includes two observation days and three teaching days. Unlike previous field experiences, the teaching days in PBI run consecutively, which means that you should plan for a three-day inquiry lesson based on the high school schedule to which you are assigned.

Expect to dedicate some out-of-class time to video transfer, lesson planning, and working on your portfolio.

Prerequisites: C- or better in Classroom Interactions and a university GPA of at least a 2.5. Students with less than the required 2.5 GPA file an appeal for permission to take the course. See your UTeach advisor for details.